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Book Room

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Bookrooms are one of the key essential components to developing a strong literacy program. Room 217 now offers additional support of multiple copy texts to support small groups, differentiated instruction, and other various instructional purposes. We have created a room for teachers so that books are easily accessible with an open inviting space. Our books are now pooled together and grade levels can meet in the bookroom for planning and/or selecting appropriate leveled text. There is a great variety and quantity of titles giving a wide selection across the reading levels. Currently we have over 6,000 books!

We have developed a Check-out System that has proven to be fast and seamless to borrow books. All book bins have a pocket on the right side with an index card showing the title, the author, and the book level. Teachers sign out any number of books taken on the card. This Check-out System is the most useful and warrants the least amount of managing from a third party to get the books back quickly. This system also reflects, on the bin, where the books are in case you need to track them down. Our inventory lists are divided into three sections for our convenience: By title, by author, and by level. It is exciting to see all we have, and all we can now share with our students.

Creators: Abbey Siegel & Ana Correia




Sunday, March 18, 2018