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Letter to Parents Re: Water Testing

Dear Parents and Guardians:

As I am sure you will recall, last year the Briarcliff Manor School District underwent a voluntary testing of all sources of water intended for drinking, food preparation or cooking. At that time, a letter was sent to parents outlining the District’s intention to ensure that all such sources of water be compliant with EPA standards for safe drinking water. This summer, work was done to guarantee that locations that exceeded EPA standards were repaired or replaced and retested. I am pleased to report that they are now in compliance with EPA standards for safe drinking water.

This year, in addition to testing the district had already conducted, the State passed legislation that required all school districts to test all sources of water for lead particulate matter in schools and other district buildings. This new requirement includes water sources that are intended for drinking, food preparation or cooking, and those that are not. For example, the regulation now calls for the testing of all faucets, spigots and shower heads, regardless of the purpose or whether or not they are currently in use.

In order to secure scientific results with which we could be confident, the district contracted with a nationally recognized environmental service and industrial hygiene company. In recent weeks, they collected samples from all water source locations at all three schools and tested these samples through a certified laboratory. The results from the environmental service have confirmed that all water fountains and faucets utilized for drinking, food preparation and cooking at Todd, Middle and High School were found to be in compliance with EPA and State standards for safe drinking water.

Testing done on a number of faucets in all three schools did show levels of lead particulate matter above the State’s allowable limits. Many of these water sources are located in classrooms and secondary science labs. These locations have been shut down and water will remain inaccessible from these locations until each is either remediated or identified as not intended for drinking water in accordance with the new State guidelines.

We remain committed to maintaining environmental quality in support of the health and safety of students, staff and all who use our schools. Ensuring that the State’s new water testing protocol is implemented with fidelity is part of that process. For your information, testing results for all three schools along with the EPA’s Drinking Water Management Practices (for schools) are available by using the link below.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Sincerely, Dr. James Kaishian

Test Results


Friday, February 23, 2018