The 2007-2008 Girls Basketball team was honored before the BHS Booster Club Annual Tournament Championship. Seven of the twelve members of the team (pictured r-l Savina Reid, Kasey Heyda, Brianna Reid, Jamie Heyda, Katie Weiner, Taylor Pescetti, and Shelby Coon; not pictured Liz Meyers, Sam Muratoria, Maggie Blair, Kathryn Holland, Liana Cornacchio) joined Coach Don Hamlin on the court for pictures and hugs and each player was presented with medals engraved with her name and the words "Once a Bear Always a Bear."

Coach Donald them, "The ride is more important than than the goal. Staying positive, true to yourself, and working together no matter the obstacles you face will allow you to achieve your goals. You have given me so much more than I can ever dream of giving you. I only hope I have made 1/1000 of a real impact on your life that you have had one mine."

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